How the Virtual FOTF has changed the racing nation in ISO - Julie Herbert Millinery

How the Virtual FOTF has changed the racing nation in ISO

Ok, so here I am at my lenovo notebook and this is the first ever blog for 2020 and I actually start off with the biggest topic in the horseracing industry, and that is fashion!. But not just any fashion event, it is the fashions on the field competition that ladies from all over the nation here in Australia enter in each weekend at race clubs for the Autumn and Winter season. 
Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has definitely stopped the nation in its tracks, and the world as we know it but being in isolation at home can sometimes or even all the time be boring, mentally and physically challenging and all you want to do is watch netflix all day long and do some online shopping in our trackies and loungeroom attire.
But how can we change our ways and become more excited in isolation and know that we havent spent all of our money on beautiful outfits and millinery for nothing this season?. Well there has been three (3) beautiful ladies who have created the Virtual FOTF competition for racing fashion enthusiasts just last month in April 2020. These hosts are @GetRacy, @milanoimai and @best_dressed_access they have done an amazing job for the whole of the competition, and also their judges who had such a tough job of picking the 1st place, Runner ups and 3rd place winners. 

Virtual FOTF

Photo Courtesy of
Even though the competition is now closed it really has opened a new window of excitement for fashion enthusiasts and those who do not usually want to enter in the fashions at their local raceclub meetings or carnivals for the autumn and winter season. 
Maybe this is a game changer? do you think so?, yes of course and I know when I have been speaking to millinery customers lately I believe they are still unsure of entering. Is it they have a fear still in believing in themselves to have a photo taken of them in their own living room or backyard dressed up to still enter? in knowing that confidence is a majority of the decision making to enter the Virtual FOTF competition and too having a complete outfit ready is a brain thinker. 
But I want to say to you as a Milliner of over 9 years in the industry I want to acknowledge you who have these thoughts as it means alot to you and to have that confidence to step up and enter is amazing, I know you can do it and you too!.

Julie Herbert Millinery headpiece

Me having so much fun getting dressed up - sshhhh my baby boy is sleeping
So in the end you are the person who decides on entering but be in the moment with style and know that you are beautiful and you can do it!. There are many great sponsors who are part of this amazing fashions on the field compeition and my millinery brand is included @julieherbertmillinery with vouchers at the complete value of $550 for the winners, and I am so greatful to be part of this amazing competition and to be giving away vouchers for my headpiece and hat collection (even custom orders).
So keep watch of the next lot of Virtual FOTF rounds on the website and too other race clubs are having their own (including Grenfell Picnic Races - Grenfell Race Club and I was one of the judges virtually!) and if you need some styling tips on a headpiece or hat or need anything else I am here for you. 

virtual FOTF judging Grenfell Picnic Races 2020 Judge Julie Herbert Millinery

Me judging the Virtual FOTF for Grenfell Picnic Races 18 April 2020
Lets all be part of this changing nation and we can tell those later in the years to come of how amazing being in isolation really was in the year 2020. 
I look forward to hearing your thoughts,
Keep well and safe! 
Julie x  




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