Myer Millinery Award 2021 - 'T W O V I S I O N S'

The Story Behind the headpiece

 At night I have been going outside to look at the stars for a few minutes and just appreciating life - when in lockdown here in Orange NSW. When I do go outside I usually close my eyes and then shut my my left eye and then I keep my right eye open (my cornea transplant eye!). I have a large amount of scarring over the cornea since my pregnancy 2 years ago my vision has changed and so in the night looking at lights and signs always looks like its doubled and reflective - but to me now its beautiful and so magical, and so my Millinery Award 2021 entry is 'Two Visions' of light I see with beautiful abstract waves and shapes and the glow in it was just amazing, and so I just knew I had to make a headpiece for the Millinery Award.
My headpiece 'Two Visions' was created on the Friday 15th October just 2 days before submissions closed and I literally woke up thinking I must make this piece.  
After grabbing various silk abaca pieces in my materials stash and sinamay I blocked the headpiece, sprayed it with a rose gold colour of Design Master and then sat at my workbench sewing wire onto part of the silk abaca and let my hands do the creativity. It took most of the day to create and finish the headpiece and I then had the Saturday once my son went for his daily snooze to get the camera tripod out, some sheer white curtains and my photography white board to take some photos of the end result.  
The Myer Millinery Award is a prestigious competition for Milliners all over Australia and an invitation is sent to our inboxes to join the creative fun.  I had decided previously that I wasn't going to do it this year but my creative heart told me otherwise. 
I would like to thank @VRCFlemington and @MYER for inviting me to this amazing competition, to @The Millinery Association of Australia for showing my piece on their website but also my fellow Milliners who I call my friends who are an amazing support in the Millinery world. 
I absolutely love being creative in the millinery space and I cant wait for more.